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October 2023 Book Release:

Leading with Impact

Mastering the Art of Demonstrating Value and Impact

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The Essential Leadership Guide to Demonstrating Value and Impact.

  • Are you struggling to demonstrate value and impact in YOUR organization?
  • Do you find it difficult to communicate the impact of initiatives in YOUR organization?
  • Do you struggle with building a strategic partnership that is always focused on the impact it has on YOUR organization?

Order ‘Leading with Impact’ on Amazon as a paperback or eBook!


The book is supporting materials for the related workshop: Leading with Impact.  


Join our Leading with Impact Workshop to learn how to:

  • Demonstrate value and impact in a clear and concise way
  • Communicate the impact of your initiatives
  • Define outcomes in the impact canvas for strategy and execution in your partnerships

This interactive online instructor-led workshop will help you to become successful in demonstrating value and impact. The workshop will be four sessions of 3.5 hours each. It is a combination of presentation, exercises, case studies and discussions.  

You will leave this workshop with an approach on how to demonstrate value and impact in YOUR organization. Each attendee will receive the book and an accompanying workbook. This workbook has additional guidance, exercises, scenarios and case studies.


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