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Leadership Coaches Peter Lijnse & Elka Schrijver:

"Business Relationship & Business Partner management
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BRM Leadership Training, Courses, and Coaching - FAQ'S

Many people ask:
What is Business Relationship Management (BRM) actually?

According to the BRM Institute, Business relationship management (BRM) is a philosophy, capability, discipline, and role to evolve culture, build partnerships, drive value, and satisfy purpose. The Business Relationship Management Philosophy is a belief that positive relationships drive value in organizations and contribute the greatest positive impact to economic value, people, and the planet.

Who is Business Relationship Management for?

The BRM target audience is any business professional or organization wishing to transform business functions like Technology, People, Finance, Legal, etc. into strategic partners that lead with business as peers by playing a proactive role in shaping business strategy and sharing ownership for business results.

With its focus on improving relationships among business partners and maximizing business value, the principles of business relationship management apply to everyone engaged in business, regardless of whether you are a BRM or a C-level executive.

What are the benefits of Business Relationship Management (BRM)?

A BRM capability drives innovation and business value, builds strategic partnerships, and evolves enterprise culture to support collaboration and shared ownership of strategy and results across all business functions.
Organizations are focused on becoming relationship-centered now more than ever. Grab your executive team for this executive brief on advancing your BRM capability to evolve your culture via create great relationships that bring a limitless energy supply for driving value.

How can I become a business leader?

Advancing your BRM skills and/or your BRM capability will see greater success faster with a coach. Lead The Pack Consulting offers several opportunities to help you drive value and satisfy your purpose. Our knowledge comes from a wide range of backgrounds. We have experience in guiding and advising professionals on their journey to define your personal purpose. We try to find ways to excellerate your career advancement, and teach you strategies and methodologies to move your organization forward.

What kind of Business Relationship Management (BRM) Courses, training, and coaching does Lead The Pack Consulting offer?

Get started with BRM Fundamentals

Our Business Relationship Management (BRM) Fundamentals introduces BRM as a capability, role, and discipline. The class is designed to facilitate an understanding of BRM fundamentals and is open to everyone (at any level and from any role) wanting to learn more about interacting with and/or how to achieve success through the BRM profession.

Participants can expect an interactive and lively one-day session, with a high-level introduction to successfully navigate the complexity of BRM.

Learn how the BRM discipline interacts with other disciplines (project management, architecture, Business Analysts, Business functions, strategy, etc..) inside an organization.

BRM Fundamentals courses can be delivered dedicated to your organization in a instructor-led online version in a timezone that is suitable for your team.

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Business Relationship Management (BRM) & Business Partner Training, Courses, and Coaching.
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