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The Evolved CBRM course is intended for intermediate to advanced BRM professionals seeking to develop their skills further and take their BRM practice from partner to practitioner. This course is designed to provide you with the knowledge and tools needed to not only understand the theory behind BRM but also to apply it in practice. This course includes all course materials and the certification exam.

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The CBRM® is the only globally recognized practitioner certification for Business Relationship Managers and shows the candidate demonstrates the knowledge and skill needed to perform the role of Strategic Business Relationship Manager.

Understanding the theory behind BRM is one thing, but translating it into actionable practices is another. The Certified Business Relationship Manager (CBRM) credential equips you with the techniques and tools needed to implement BRM within your organization for measurable and sustainable results. Gain the skills to develop a BRM capability roadmap, establish holistic partnerships, and drive strategic intents across the organization. The CBRM course is intended for intermediate to advanced BRM professionals who want to develop their skills and go from partner, to practitioner.


The successful candidate will demonstrate a deep understanding and ability to perform the Strategic BRM role. Specifically, the candidate will:

- Effectively communicate the purpose and objectives of the Strategic BRM role and how to optimally position that role for maximum effectiveness within the enterprise

- Understand how to use relationship skills and communication techniques to influence and build business relationships that foster a culture that excels at business value results

- Apply the Strategic Relationship Management processes and techniques to build and sustain trust relationships spanning Business Partner and Provider networks

- Be able to assess Business Demand Maturity and Business Relationship Maturity and how these might evolve over time

- Be able to assess Provider Capability Maturity and BRM Competencies and identify key areas needing improvement

- Be able to use the Business Value Management process, techniques and metrics to define, realize and optimize the value of Provider capabilities and assets

- Shape strategic agendas for optimum business value, with due consideration of external compliance requirements and potential risks to the business

- Understand the implications of Lean/Agile methods for the BRM role and capability

and more

PLEASE NOTE: At this time there is no certification exam available just yet for this new course offering. As soon as the exam becomes available we will schedule this in collaboration with students who have completed the course.  






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