Value Management

Get Value Focused to Lead Your Team Forward

Digital Transformation requires not only the convergence of Business and IT, but also a clear value focus by everyone in the organization. As a Business Relationship Manager you need to make sure that your organization is ready to address value management. We offer workshops around value management and coaching. Especially our successful coaching program helps you not only with the management of value ideas, but also in how value can be measured. 

The topics for either a workshop or individual coaching are described below.​

Value Management - Idea and Opportunity Management

There is a constant need for capturing new demand. Demand can come from both business and IT. There is a need in a lot of organizations for better information, new innovation. This demand needs to be captured, assessed and ensured it drives value for the organization. In a workshop or an individual coaching session the activities for Idea and Opportunity Management are described and how they support the Value Management Flow in the organization.

This includes the following topics:

  • Description of the Value Management Flow and how this supports the organization
  • Defining Sources of Value and what questions to ask to understand the value solutions can bring
  • How to capture ideas and process them in idea and opportunity documents

We will provide templates for an idea document and an opportunity document.

Value Management - Value Plan and Value Measurements

There are lots of opportunities to create value in an organization. The challenge is how to capture clearly what the value is for the organization and how to measure that value. In this session your learn how a value plan is defined and how to measure value. The Value Plan will be used to track and communicate value. It is a critical document to manage value in the value optimization phase.

This includes the following topics:

  • An introduction to the Value Management Flow (high level)
  • Objective and contents of a Value Plan (including value measurements and communication)
  • How to measure value (different approaches and techniques)

We will provide a template for a value plan.

Value Management - Value Optimization

The value of any solution is when the business uses it. In the Value Optimization phase the solution is available to the business, and now it needs to be shown that value has been realized and where opportunities lie for more improvement. The objective is to optimize value and reduce value leakage. This session discusses the activities for Value Optimization and introduces the concept of a Value Optimization Team.

This includes the following topics:

  • Value Management Flow (high level)
  • Strategies to avoid value leakage, in the value management flow value leakage can occur in the following areas:
    • Strategy and goals
    • Processes, Products and Services
    • Organizational Design
    • Competencies and skills
    • Education and Training
    • Communication
    • Measurement and Reporting
  • Role and Objective of the Value Optimization Team
  • Behaviour in a value focused organization