Discovery Workshop

Get the direction to Lead Your Team Forward

Digital Transformation requires that you have a Business Relationship Management capability in place to guide the business transformation. The BRM Team will need to work on the convergence on Business and IT to make that a strategic relationship. This requires a clear understanding of where you are right now with your BRM Capability and where you need to go. In this discovery workshop we will help your team to discover the journey you are going to take. 

Your team will go through different exercises to establish the current and new situation and get a clear map of the journey ahead. The discovery workshop topics and approach are further described below.


Intake and Scoping

Before the workshop we will setup a meeting with the sponsor to discuss intake and scoping information. This will be used for input to the workshop. We would like to gather information on your organization's strategy, structure and BRM Capability state. 

Research and Workshop Planning

We analyze the information received during the intake interview and prepare the workshop. Based on the intake information we will finalize the agenda with the sponsor and the requirements for the workshop.

Discovery Workshop

We will facilitate the workshop. During the workshop we will use standard templates, exercises, graphical images and discussion boards to generate input for you road map. The workshop duration is either one day or two days depending on the amount of topics that need to be discussed. 

High Level Roadmap development

After the workshop we will provide you with a high level roadmap that shows how you need to prepare your team, how to move them in the right direction, how to measure results and how to adjust along the way. 


The Discovery workshop will address the following topics:

  • Where are you now? Current situation and challenges.
  • Future vision for your organization. A day in the life of a business leader in the future.
  • Expectations from your team. Specifically focused on relationship management and behaviour.
  • How to measure results along the way