BRM Roadmap Development

Organization frequently following any of our workshops or courses choose to add-on a BRM Roadmap Development workshop. This one-day workshop takes the learnings from the prior workshop or course and focuses on action planning for those learnings. The question: ‘What am I going to do different now?’ is foremost in mind, and the intent is to ensure value is realized out of the investment in professional development of the BRM team. This  facilitated approach will result in a roadmap for improvement of the organization’s BRM Capability. The execution of the roadmap can be assisted by BRM Coaching.

The objectives for the workshop is to develop a draft roadmap for improving the BRM capability in your organization, focused on:

  • Defining the BRM Capability
  • Learn where you are and map where you need to go so your BRM team can succeed
  • Discuss the options for the next steps on your roadmap
  • Determine feasible and practical actions to tak
  • Leave with a draft of your BRM Team’s roadmap

 The outcome of the workshop will be to have the following graphical representation of the roadmap filled in.