BRM Capability Assessment

To determine the current state of your organization’s BRM Capability with the BRM team at the center. The assessment includes a relationship maturity and role

determination of the BRM team within the Business environment (Business Partners and IT, HR and Finance Function), an organizational positioning and mandate review, and a competency review. The assessment uses a set of questionnaires and interviews to assess the current state of the BRM capability maturity, identified gaps, as well as opportunities to improve. This facilitated approach will result in a roadmap for improvement of the organization’s BRM Capability. The execution of the roadmap can be assisted by BRM Coaching.

Assessment Approach

The BRM Capability assessment consists of three key steps:

  1. Initiation –  to learn and gather information of what is currently happening
  2. Assess and Review – to examine the approaches and organizational practices
  3. Analysis and Recommendations – to evaluate and document observations and recommendations

Based on the assessment result a roadmap is developed to improve the BRM organization, this will include a list of prioritized recommendations. The roadmap will include the following:

  • Current state, including gaps and risks,
  • Future state
  • Steps to get to the future state, including quick-wins and longer term improvement initiatives.