Monthly Archives: February 2018

BRM Cafe with Aaron Monroe

TRANSCRIPTPETER LIJNSE: Welcome to BRM Cafe, Episode 10. In this episode, I talk to Aaron Monroe about Agile and business relationship management. Topics we discuss are: role clarity around product manager and VRM, different frameworks within the Agile environment, the challenges for BRM’s working in an Agile environment, his role as a transformationalist. We’re talking […]

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BRM Cafe Ep 8 – with Kip Fanta

“Can I have my Kip?”TRANSCRIPTPeter: Welcome to BRM cafe Episode 8. In this episode I talk to Kip Fanta about the challenge of building a BRM team, the importance of top down tone, difference between private and public companies and commodity outsourcing. Kip, welcome to the podcast. Let’s start with the introduction of who you […]

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